Architectural Concepts Irrigation offers a 4 STEP DIY Fertilizer Program Delivered to Your Door.

Download complete fertilizer program details including application guidelines and spreader settings. (Click here for PDF download)

  • We will deliver our 4-Step Professional Turf Program to your door. (All 4 steps delivered at one time in early spring)
  • We will leave instructions when and how to apply.
  • We will instruct you on how to set your spreader. (Spreaders available for purchase)
  • We will provide you mowing tips.
  • We will provide you with a guide to proper watering and setting your irrigation controller.
Crabgrass ControlStep 1 – Crabgrass Control

Apply MAXLAWN® Crabgrass Preventer 22-0-4 with Crab-Buster® early to mid-Spring, before the soil temperature reaches 60 degrees F or before the early germinating crabgrass reaches the 2-leaf stage. It is a unique combination of lawn food and a pre-emergent and early postemergent control of crabgrass providing up to 3-4 months of control of crabgrass and other annual grasses.  It supplies the vital nutrients a healthy lawn needs.

Weed & FeedStep 2 – Weed Control

Apply MAXLAWN® Weed & Feed 24-0-4 Mid-April – July when broadleaf weeds are actively growing. The VIPER® in Weed & Feed provides postemergent control of dandelions as well as 200 other broadleaf weeds. It also supplies the key nutrients for a healthy, lush lawn. Apply to damp grass or sprinkle lightly before application. Do not water or mow for 48 hours after application.

Lawn FoodStep 3 – Lawn Food

Apply MAXLAWN® Lawn Food 26-0-4 June – September. This high-quality lawn food provides generous amounts of Nitrogen and Potassium as well as Sulfur and Iron needed for a vigorous, healthy lawn. Nitrogen is supplied in two ways: an immediate release for fast green-up, and a slow release Nitrogen for extended feeding and long-lasting vitality.

Fall FertilizerStep 4 – Fall Fertilizer

Apply MAXLAWN® Winterizer 22-0-10 about late August -November. This product will prepare your lawn for the winter and provide a rich green lawn in the spring.  The higher rate of potassium minimizes stress, disease and drought.  Nitrogen is supplied in two ways: an immediate-release for fast green-up, and a slow release Nitrogen for extended feeding.