Drainage Solutions

Have a water problem in your yard from gutters spilling gallons of water directly onto your lawn?

Have a low area that holds water after a rainstorm?

Architectural Concepts Irrigation can help with these problems and more…

Gutter drainage

Water spilling into your yard, landscape or against your homes foundation can cause many problems. Many times water can cause damage to your home even after it has been safely controlled by your gutters and downspouts. Gutters that encircle your home’s roof line are great for collecting runoff water and preventing it from seeping into the ground next to your home’s foundation. But they won’t do you any good if the water is not successfully directed out of your downspouts and away from your home.


Downspout extensions will often do the trick, but they can be unsightly and aren’t always practical. Do you have to remove or put the downspouts up every time you mow. Replacing downspouts due to damage.


Direct the water from your gutters to where you want with pop-up gutter drains.

Sump pump discharge

Much like the gutters discharging water into your yard sump pumps can create much of the same problems. Longer discharge hoses help direct the water where you want it to go, but just like the downspouts on the gutters it unsightly and you have to move every time you want to mow. We treat this issue the same way we do the gutters with drain and pop up drains. We can tie this into the same system along with the gutter drains, or as a stand alone way to divert the water to your specified location.

Low areas holding water

Have a low area in the yard that takes forever to dry out. We have solutions for this as well. No need to have water sitting in areas that you would like to enjoy. Drainage and water problems are not always directly around the home. Drain boxes along with pop up emitters can solve your water problems in your yard from poor drainage