Architectural Concepts provides maintenance and repair services for irrigation systems of all makes. In addition to serving our own customers, we also service systems installed by others.

Professional Design & Installation

Architectural Concepts designs each system based on the individual needs of the client and not based on an out of the box kit. When we design and install an irrigation system for you, so you can be sure it is the right system to fit your needs. We also provide you with a map at the end of every irrigation install, so you can see the layout of your newly installed system.

Spring Start-Ups

This service includes a complete review of all system functions, programming the controller for the spring season, and adjusting heads as needed. We do ask that the customer be home for the spring start up. We will need the customer to turn on the water to the system after we close all the ports on the vacuum breaker from the fall blow-out. If you can not be home, you can visit our How To's page and download instructions to close up the vacuum breaker for your spring start-up. We only then need access to the irrigation controller.

Fall Blow-outs

Winterizing your irrigation system is extremely important! This will prevent freezing of the water and causing breakage of your crucial irrigation components. We will come in the fall and complete a full blow-out of your system for winterization. We use the proper equipment to ensure your system is properly shut down. Architectural Concepts assures your system is protected through the winter months. We start scheduling blow outs at the end of September for the first week in October through November. We personally contact you to verify if you want us to perform this service for you.


You do not need to be home at the time of the fall blow-out. Follow the steps below to insure your system is ready to be winterized. We will take care of everything from outside your residence.

  1. Close the main shutoff valve to the sprinkler system in the basement. Usually located in your utility room close to your water meter.

  2. Open drain valve located above the main shutoff valve and drain water into a bucket.

    • Some shutoff valves do not have a drain valve on them. If you do not have a drain valve on your shut off, don’t worry as we can get most of the water out of the line entering the home.

  3. Close the drain valve after the water has been drained from the line.

  4. Turn your irrigation controller to system off.

  5. An Architectural Concepts technician will show up and complete your fall blow-out. We will leave a service tag on the door verifying that we have completed the service.

System Remodels

Adding a deck, patio, moving landscaping, or just want to add on to your system? We can help you remodel your system to accommodate any new additions you may be adding. We can usually do this with minimal disturbance to the surrounding areas. Contact us for a consultation.