Architectural Concepts uses Hunter valves in large (oversized) valve boxes to insure easy of locating and serviceability. These valves control the flow of water to your irrigation system. We supply power to these valves using 18 gauge "direct burial" wire to achieve a water tight long lasting connection.

Hunter Irrigation System Valve



Architectural Concepts uses Hunters X-Core and Pro-C controllers depending on application. Hunter controllers offer versatility, ease of use, and expandability options. An ET system can be added turning your controller into an automatic calculating scientific irrigation program. The ET system’s sensor array includes solar radiation, relative humidity, temperature, a rain gauge that tracks precipitation, plus an optional anemometer for wind speed.

Hunter Irrigation System Controls
Hunter Irrigation System Controls 2


EZ Flow Fertigation

Fertilize your lawn automatically. Discover how to have a perfect landscape every day without lifting a finger. Let your irrigation system do the work and make your turf, trees, shrubs, and flowers all beam with vitality and color. Fertilizers are water soluble and won't burn your lawn.

Fertigation is a process in which fertilizer is dissolved and distributed along with water in your drip or spray irrigation system. There is abundant research available that supports the superiority of fertigation as compared to traditional fertilizing techniques.

EZ Flow Fertilization EZ Flow Fertilization



Architectural Concepts uses Hunter PGP & I-20 gear driven rotors and Pro sprays. Hunter provides durable, trouble-free sprinklers with precision engineered nozzles for efficiency and consistently beautiful results. Hunter offers two and five year warranty on rotors. When properly designed, there should be absolutely no gaps and no run off.

Hunter Sprinkler Heads
Hunter Sprinkler Heads 2


Poly Pipe

Architectural Concepts uses 80 psi polyethylene pipe. We use a vibrating plow to "pull" pipe into the ground between 6 and 12 inches deep, while causing minimal disturbance to lawn and landscape. We install different sizes of pipe depending on application, sizes range from 1” up to 1 ½” in diameter. Most residential applications are installed with the 1” 80psi polyethylene pipe.

Irrigation System Pipe


Rain Bird

Architectural Concepts also installs rain bird products if requested.

Rain Bird Irrigation Systems


Rain Sensor

Architectural Concepts installs a rain sensor on every system that we install. This not only shuts the system down when it’s raining, but turns it back on when it dries out allowing for a worry free season. They are required in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Hunter Rain Sensors


Rid O’ Rust

Remove unsightly rust stains from existing concrete, siding, brick and other materials with products from Rid O’ Rust. Siphoning feeder systems and injection feeder systems can be installed in well water irrigation systems. These systems either siphon, or inject the stain preventer directly into the water stream of your irrigation. These product used in conjunction with the feeder systems prevent stains and scale caused by iron in well water from building up on walls, sidewalks, fences, shrubs and other elements of landscaping.

Rid o' Rust Irrigation System Cleaner